Monday, August 22, 2016

The Tale of the 48-Hour Layout

A couple weekends ago, I had a 48-hour malady.  Maybe you have experienced something like this.

Symptoms included: adhesive apprehension, paper perplexity, and layout lamentations.

Over a scrapbook page.

Good thing I didn't do a process video on this one, or you would be watching it clean through next weekend.  Probably not the entertainment you would get excited about.

So here is the story.  I was cleaning out my scraps and found some birthday paper scraps from three different kits, (Basic Grey "RSVP", Crate Paper "Party Day" and Carta Bella "It's a Celebration") along with a few coordinating embellishments.  Enough to finish two last pages for the Oldest's birthday album.

I found some matching paper for a base, and got to work.  This is a quick iPhone photo of the layout before I glued everything down:

Then as I started putting it back together, I hated it. So I restarted and made some adjustments, again trying to use up this paper kit.  (I was determined to work through this!)

Attempt #2:

I started gluing, and again I very much disliked it.  Just not feeling it. 

Eventually you have to go to bed.  

Day Two.

After taking everything off and thus ruining the base paper, I realized that I needed to have a rethink.

And so . . . I began again.  

During several (and I mean several) episodes of Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix, I made a few more attempts.

By the way, the Murdoch Mysteries is a great TV show.  Canadian based, it tells the story of a detective working for the Toronto Constabulary (fancy Canadian for the police force - since they have constables you know) at the turn of the century.  This detective uses his uncanny deduction, plus science before its time, to solve murders. Which happened a lot in Toronto. 


There are 7 seasons on Netflix, but I won't tell you how many I watched while trying to complete this one layout. 

But I digress.

It took a change of paper, a lot of ice tea, tortilla chips and guac to finally arrive to this:

Huge difference! This is a combination of scraps from the Basic Grey and Crate Paper collections. Carta Bella got a pass on this one. 

Still couldn't decide if I liked it -- but before I changed my mind, it went into the teen's album.  

And in case you are wondering, I do make a mean guac.