Monday, August 15, 2016

6 Steps to Get Your Vacation Album Finished (Plus Free Sketches and Album Share Video!)

Don't you love that feeling of accomplishment?

Right now I am patting myself on the back for completing our Galveston vacation album in two weeks.

The vacation that was four years ago.

Don't worry, my marriage is still intact.

The video below shows the entire album: pages with process videos and other finished layouts that you will see for the first time.

If you cannot sit down and work on one album like this for a block of time, do not despair.  Here are some steps you can start today that will help you get that album completed in your own time frame:  

Find all the photos.  This seems obvious, but sometimes we have photos on our computer from a DSLR camera used on vacation, plus photos on our smartphone. It's time to download those photos off your phone, copy and put them all in one folder and put a shortcut on your desktop for easy access (and as a reminder).  If you only print photos from your phone, copy and put those photos in a new album in your photo app for easier accessibility.

Select the album.  Again, this seems obvious, but if a vacation album is something that you want to complete, then have an end in mind.  Chose to go with a post-bound album with 10 page protectors instead of a 3-ring binder album. With a post-bound album, you know that you need to plan 20 pages, (or 9 double page layouts plus 2 single layouts) to have the project finished.  A 3-ring binder is discouraging for me because I can add and add layouts and never see a finish line.

Make a kit.  I use one of these clear storage boxes to pull together everything together from my stash that I could use on my layouts. I also grab coordinating "bits and pieces" from my little drawer system. You can see more about this system in my Craft Room Tour video on YouTube.  These clear boxes are great because you can have your paper, embellishments, photos and adhesive all in one place so it's easy to grab (or take on the go) when you are ready to scrap.

Choose classic layouts.  Classic layouts, as I show from my album, may be a good choice over the heavily artistic layouts if you have several photos you want to scrap. There is nothing wrong with using this more "formal" or traditional style - it is not as outdated as you may think. These layouts are fast, still look fabulous, carry a theme well and focus the attention on the photos rather than embellishments. However, if you are a determined mixed media junkie, a title page may be the perfect spot for doing something that is more time and labor intensive.

If you need some ideas for classic layouts, scroll below the video 
to download a FREE packet of sketches!

Make journaling easier.  While scrapping vacation photos from a couple years ago or more, you may not remember all the details of the visit that you want to record. Skip doing a journaling tag or creating a place for journaling on each layout.  Instead, use the last page of your album to record a diary of your time away. I explain more in my video of how to get this done with your family's help.

Include ephemera.  Don't forget to include brochures, postcards, tickets or other small items that you can include in your layouts.  In the video, I show you an idea for displaying your vacation brochures, along with other little souvenirs you may pick up on your trip.

Don't wait four years (like I did!) to get vacation photos on paper! Make time today to plan your vacation album project. Soon the kids will be back in school and you need to take some time out for yourself anyway.

Now watch the video below, download the free sketches, then go forth and scrap.  You have my blessing.

Click here to download your FREE sketches!